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Aiming a quick opening to Europe, teachers and students of the National College “Spiru Haret”, develop, in partnership with schools from Romania, Italy, France, Turkey, the educational project Comenius I, with the subject “the Theatre in European schools”.

The teachers and students involved in this project are:
    A. Teachers:
  1. Carmen Cosmulescu – the coordinator of the project (on behalf of “C.N.S.H.”)
    -Graduate of the Bucharest University, the history-philosophy University.
    -history teacher
    -assistant principal of the college
  2. Adela Ionescu – person of contact
    -graduate of the University of Craiova, the foreign Languages University.
    -English teacher
  3. Ion Alexandrescu – membre of the project team
    -guide of the teathre team of the college
    -graduate of theatre and cinematography, I.L. Caragiale University from Bucharest, acting department
    -theatre teacher
    -actor of Elvira Godeanu Dramatic theatre from Tg-Jiu.
  4. Gabriela Crudu – coordinator of the educational programmes
    -graduate of the Bucharest University, Psychology and Educational Science University.
    -Psycho-educator advisor
    -pedagogy teacher
    -educational assistant principal
  5. Lavinia Pupazan Lavinia – membre of the project team
    - graduate of the University of Craiova, the Faculty of Letters, English French
    - teacher of English and French
  6. Delia Dabelea – membre of the project team
    - graduate of the University of Craiova, Faculty of Mathematics Informatics, Specialization Informatics
    - informatics teacher
  7. Ficea Cristina – membre of the project team
    - Absolventa a Universitatii Craiova, Facultatea de Stiinte, Specializarea Chimie
    - Masterat in Calitatea mediului" Facultatea de Stiinte sectia Chimie
    - post graduate TIC,Facultatea de automatica si informatica industriala, Targu Jiu
    - Informatician
  8. B.Students:
    * The students members of “Sterian Stelescu” acting group. Their duty is to act, to perform on the stage, to develop collateral activities for realizing the shows.
    * The students from a IX-a – mathematics computer intensive English departments; their duty is to translate into English
    * The students from XI mathematics computer science department. Their duty is to realize web pages, to transpose on electronic support what the students have realized. In this way:
    Ion Cosmin Gainaru - the project of the web pages
    Ioana Alexandra Mindrut Ioana Alexandra - the making of photography and their processing.
    Adelina Trocan Adelina - the writing of the texts
    * Corina Catrina from 11 wrote the script for the play * Had realised possible theatre scripts: Corina Catrina, Lelia Marcu, Alexandra Pocsan