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The National College Spiru Haret of Targu-Jiu has a venerable age and a history filled with great deeds. The good periods alternated with the hard ones.
The beginnings of public teaching in Gorj have started in the first half of the XIX century. Along with the appearance of the Organic Regulations( in 1831 in Tara Romaneasca and in 1832 in Moldavia), which forecasted the establishment of national schools in each regional capital. In 1832 Public School in Tg-Jiu open their doors to 50 students. The space in which the school ran was the Maldarasoaia lane. The first teacher of the National School of Tg-Jiu was the young Costache Stanciovici Branisteanu. The courses were inaugurated right after the Easter in 1832. The National School in Tg-Jiu had 2 purposes: to prepare those who were going to be teachers in the village schools and to control the activity of the other learning facilities.
From 1828 they installed the system of recruiting candidates for jobs of teachers.
In 1844 the National School became the Normal School.
In 1923 they built the present building. It was inaugurated in 1925. The marble plate in the main hall presents the worthy founders to the posterioity.
In 1937 the amphitheatre of the college was built.
In the begging of the ‘30s this was one of the best equipped schools in the country.
From 1932 the Normal School is named after the founder of modern teaching in Romania, Spiru Haret.
Until the Second World War began the school was flourishing.
From 1940 the building of the Normal School was used to prepare aviation officers.
In 1941 preparations started for transforming the building in a military hospital.
Between 1941 and 1943 the school was militarized.
The 1945-1946 period was hard for the school. The building was commandeered for training soviet troops. Learning spaces have been vandalized and destroyed along with sanitary installation, lab equipment, and musical instruments. The school trained teachers during the war as well as after. In the 1954-1969 the institution we are in charge of was named Middle School no. 2, namely no. 2 High School. Hundreds of locals graduated from here. Starting from 1st of September 1969 the Pedagogic High School of Tg-Jiu was born.
From 1970-1971 school year in the Pedagogic High School has been working with primary and secondary classes, 6 classes of high school and a class of post-high school.
After 1978 the number of students decreased. Teaching got a pronounced productive orientation. From 1978-1979 gymnasium classes stopped functioning and the next year there was no place for the teacher specialization.
In 1990 the initial pedagogic profile was reinstalled, the institution being called the Normal Spiru Haret School.
In 1999 it becomes the National Spiru Haret College.
In the 1999-2006 period ample rehabilitation work has been carried off. We benefited by the World Bank’s funding and help from the Parents’ Representative Council starting with 2003.
CNSH offers students a wide selection of departments philology, intensive English, bilingual French, social science, pedagogical, library/reference, biological, bilingual English-intensive mathematics –informatics. We must add that every year there were over 52 classes.
In the last years the number of students has been 1480, these being in the I-XII classes.
Almost 50% of them have an average 9, and 85% over 8.