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The Romanian Educational System

In Romania, education has as main goal the accomplishment of learning based on the principles of humanism, on the values of democracy and also in the preservation of national identity. Education has as final aim the construction of a valuable, creative, practical, civilian and European personality.
      The compulsory learning system in Romania lasts 10 years. At the age of 16,there is no compulsory attendance anymore for the ten-class education, daily form of attendance.
      The national system of education belongs both to state and is also private.
      It has the following levels:
            a) Nursery education: beginner, elementary, upper-elementary, preparatory levels
            b) Primary school education:1st to 4th classes.
            c)Secondary-school education:
      • Inferior secondary-School-5th to 8th grades- and 9th -10th (inferior cycle of high-school or Art and Job School);
      • Superior secondary school-the 11th ,12th and 13th classes;
      d)Post secondary school education;
      e)Superior (university and post-university education).
      The structure of pre-university education is:

      The domain of pre-university education is supervised by the General Department of Pre-University Education. The University Education is coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Research taking into account the autonomy of Universities.
      The University Education is coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Research taking into account the autonomy of Universities.

The Strategic Priorities of the Reform in the Romanian Educational System

    The Ministry of Education and Research is developing the reform of the pre-university system. The educational policies promoted by M.Ed.C are meant to contribute to the development of the Romanian society by integrating all children and teenagers in a form of education and thus acquiring the key-skills to knowledge economy and informational society.
The Ministry’s mission is to fulfill a systemic, efficient and coherent Reform meant to generate an additional added value to the educational process of personal and professional development of every pupil, student and citizen to be; and also in the development of the community. The educational approach focuses on the improvement of educational activities in classrooms, laboratories of gymnasiums. The students are meant to become the beneficiaries of all the human and financial resources coordinated by responsible institutions.
The main objectives are:
The quality of the educational activities
The personal development of the students by permanent learning
The availability of human resources in the pre-university system through permanent learning.
The improvement of the social cohesion and the massive participation in programs focused on economical
and social development
The Ministry’s policies will focus on the following strategic priorities:
1. The equity in education
2. The fulfillment of basic education for all citizens ;the building of key-skills
3. The foundation of education activities on the needs for personal and professional development.
4. The improvement of teaching-learning process and of educational services.
5. The assurance of the complementarity of formal, non-formal and informal education; continuous learning
as a major dimension of educational policy.
6. The opening of the educational system and professional formation towards society, social., economic and cultural environment; the strategic priorities are realized through programs and educational and projects.
The programme “The Assurance of basic education for all citizens”-the formation of key-competences.
1.The project-“Formation of key-competences of democratic citizenship”.
2.The project-“Fundamenting of informatised education”.
The programme “The Foundation of educational offer on the basis of personal development needs from the perspective of lasting development and the ensurance of economic and social cohesion”.
1.The project-“The fundamenting of school plan and reduction of school network”.
2.The project :”The improvement of Professional and Technical Education”